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The Davis Putter Scholarship: How to Apply and Requirements

The Davis Putter Scholarship Funds

The Davis Putter Scholarship is a scholarship program awarded to students who can carry out academic work at levels like college or university level or students who are currently enrolled in a trade or technical program.

This scholarship program also supports students who are actively working for peace and justice and students who contribute to the progressive movement on their campuses and in their communities.

The paramount thing that could qualify an individual for the Davis Putter scholarship is being actively involved in the struggle for civil rights, economic justice, international solidarity, and other forms of progressive issues.

Davis Putter Scholarship, formerly known as the Marian Davis scholarship, was founded in the year 1961 to honor Marian Davis, who was a teacher and political activist but died of breast cancer in 1960; she was known as a woman who advocated for racial justice and also rights of labor. However, after the death of Marian Davis in 1960, her husband Horace B. Davis (also known as Hockey) set up the fund as a tribute for his late wife.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Requirements

There are certain requirements that applicants must fulfill to be considered for being awarded the scholarship, and they are:

  • Applicants must be a student
  • Applicants must be living in the United States
  • Applicants must show proof of financial assistance
  • Applicants must be actively involved in the fight for peace, justice, and other progressive issues
  • Applicants are to have a letter of recommendation from at least two individuals who are aware of the applicant’s participation in progressive activities.

The Davis Putter Scholarship is valued at $15,000 annually. The funds are disbursed to cover each semester, quarter, or term, depending on the institution that the applicant is attending or planning on attending. The disbursed funds are, however, used the same year they’re disbursed as they cannot be carried over. Another interesting aspect of this scholarship is that recipients can reapply in cases where they need more financial support.

How To Apply For The Davis Putter Scholarship

  • Go to the official scholarship website – https://davisputter.org/.
  • Head to the Application Portal and create an account
  • Applicants would be prompted to write a personal statement of approximately 1,000 words. The written personal statement would include:
  1. The aim of the individual
  2. The activities of the individual
  3. The involvement of the individual in terms of progressive social activities
  4. The goals of the individual
  5. And how they think that their proposed study would have an impact on the movement for social change.
  • Applicants are to submit other supporting documents, like a letter of recommendation from at least 2 individuals that are aware of the applicant’s participation in progressive social activities.
  • Applicants are also prompted to show proof of their financial needs by uploading a copy of their student aid report (SAR). In cases where it is not available, the students can also submit a copy of the free application for student aid (FAFSA).
  • Applicants can then proceed to submit their applications and await a response from the scholarship board.

NOTE: In cases where an applicant has not been accepted into an accredited financial institution, such applicants are advised to use the school they intend to attend to calculate their expenses when they are submitting their application; in cases where such expenses change, applicants are advised to notify the scholarship board without further hesitation.

The Davis Putter scholarship is indeed a great scholarship opportunity as it supports students that are actively involved and participating in progressive social activities; the scholarship also helps in reducing the burden being borne by parents that are not financially buoyant to fund their child’s education as it opened the door for recipients of this scholarship to apply again in cases where they need financial support again. This scholarship program has also saved students from the stress of going to apply for a student loan to fund their education.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Davis Putter Scholarship

Can individuals living outside the United States apply for the Davis Putter Scholarship?
NO, the Davis Putter Scholarship is only available to students in the United States.

What types of students are eligible for the Davis putter scholarship?
The Davis putter scholarship is only available to students who are actively involved in progressive social activities. Students who can do academic work at the college level or are enrolled in a trade or technical program.

What level of student qualifies for the Davis Putter Scholarship?
There is no specified academic level that is needed to qualify for the Davis Putter scholarship, as it is open to both graduate and undergraduate students that are residing in the United States.

Can students not involved in any social progressive activities apply for this scholarship? Students who are not actively involved in any form of social progressive activities do not qualify for the Davis putter scholarship.

Can high school students apply for the Davis putter scholarship? High school students do not qualify for this scholarship program as it is only available for those enrolled in higher institutions.

What is the value of the Davis Putter scholarship? The Davis Putter Scholarship program is valued at $15,000 annually for recipients of this award.

Can I reapply for the Davis Putter scholarship the following year? Recipients of this scholarship can reapply in cases where they need additional financial support.

Is the Davis putter scholarship fully funded? NO, the Davis putter scholarship isn’t a fully-funded scholarship program.

Who founded the Davis Putter Scholarship?
The Davis putter scholarship was founded by Horace B. Davis in 1961, husband of Marian Davis, a teacher, and political activist. The scholarship was set up as a tribute to his late wife.

Additional Info and Contact Details

You can reach out to the scholarship board for additional info or inquiries by contacting them via davisputter@davisputter.org and on their website, https://davisputter.org or sending a mail to:

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund
Post Office Box 7307
New York, NY 10116-7307.


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