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How Much Does YouTube Pay in South Africa Per 1000 Views?

How Much Does YouTube Pay in South Africa
How Much Does YouTube Pay in South Africa Per 1000 Views?

How much does YouTube pay in South Africa? The average Youtuber in South Africa earns from R10 to R20 for 1000 views, and there are numerous reasons why the rate isn’t fixed. Earning is influenced by many factors, like the location of the viewers, the number of adverts, etc.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve once stumbled on a Youtube video with millions upon millions of views and wondered how much was made from that video. Youtube pays per views, and you remember those advertisements (ads) that interrupt your interesting videos? Well, they play a big role in how much money YouTubers make in South Africa.

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Youtube pays via a platform called Google Adsense and in a metric value called RPM. RPM stands for Revenue Per Mille – the amount of money you get per 1,000 video views. In South Africa, the RPM ranges from $0.2 and $1. So, for instance, if the RPM on your tech channel is $0.40, you will make $4 for every 10,000 views on your video(s), approximately R62.

Factors Affecting How Much Youtube Pays in South Africa

We’re all probably aware that Youtube is one of the proven ways to make money online in South Africa. It’s the reason there’s an endless race by Youtubers, influencers, vloggers, artistes, and celebrities, in general, to attract more views to their Youtube videos. All these would have the average person thinking, how much does Youtube pay for views in South Africa?

Not everyone earns the same amount of money from youtube, irrespective of their number of views. What Kevin David, a U.S.-based Youtuber with his channel focused on tech, income, and entrepreneurship, earns will certainly exceed that of a South African blogger with an entertainment channel. 

And these are the reasons:

  • The topic of the Video/Channel Category: The topic of a particular video can significantly affect how much is earned per 1,000 views. The reason is that the adverts shown in a video have to relate to that specific topic/niche, and advertisers spend differently. 

For an illustration, assume you are watching a video on insurance, maybe on “how to hire a good insurance broker.” The video ads you will see in the video will be from Insurance advertisers, and since it’s such a volatile and competitive industry, they will pay more. 

On the other hand, an advert for a music artiste will not give you the same income for 1,000 views. I hope that’s clear enough.

  • Length of the video: The longer a video, the more ads it can accommodate, and the more ads on your video, the more money you would make. Also, Youtube notices and concludes that since a video can keep people engaged for longer, it is a high-quality video, which will boost your RPM.
  • Viewers’ Geographical location: The location/country from which your viewers are watching your video affects its RPM and, therefore, your earnings. This could be why American Youtubers/vloggers are the richest in the world. If you can upload contents that attract the interest of first-world-country viewers, your earnings will explode. One sure way of targeting specific locations is through paid youtube advertisement.
  • Age of your Audience: Advertisers follow the money. There are age groups of wealthier people, like 45 and 54. If your channel viewers are much younger, your earnings could be lower.
  • The number of adverts in your videos: Like earlier mentioned, the number of adverts in a video can affect the money made from that one video. To be able to properly place more ads and widen their occurrences so as not to provoke your viewers, you need a long video, probably an average of 15 minutes of top-quality content.
  • Type of Advertisement: Some advert formats perform better than others. According to statistics, the type of ads in your videos could determine how much youtube will pay you.

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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Before Youtube can begin paying you for the views on your video, you need to apply and be approved into the Youtube partners program. And before you are approved and accepted into this money-erupting opportunity on the internet, your channel has to meet certain criteria:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old, or if you are planning on opening a channel for your kid (like Ryan Raji, the 8-year-old that makes an average of $2m – R31,145,000 – a month), you can do so.
  2. You need up to 1,000 channel subscribers.
  3. Your channel must have a minimum of 4,000 watch hours in the prior 12 months.
  4. Your videos must be advertiser-friendly.
  5. You need videos that are properly edited and that your fans will engage with.

How Much Does YouTube Pay in South Africa for Views?

At this point, you already know how much youtube pays for views in South Africa and how you can increase your earnings per 1,000 views on Youtube in South Africa. 

Also, 2022 has seen many teenagers becoming content creators and gathering a following on social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. Deciding to become a vlogger is not a bad idea, and it is, without doubt, a great way to make money online with your smartphone in South Africa.


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