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What is a Super Target? (Regular Store vs Super, and Locations)

What's a Super Target and Locations

A Super Target is larger than the typical Target stores in building size and merchandise. With an expanded grocery section, on-site bakery, butcher, deli, variety of meat, and more, SuperTargets are designed to accommodate more customer needs and satisfaction in 2022 and beyond.

Now that we’ve established what a Super Target is, let’s go into more detail. Read on.

What’s A Super Target?

Target decided to expand some of its more than 2,000 stores in the US into “Super Targets,” an enhanced version of Target in a bid to cater to customer needs.

If you’re a regular Target customer and have driven by or visited a Super Target store and got a little confused, keep reading as I researched what exactly a Target store is, the difference from a regular Target, and its various locations in the country.

Super Targets Locations

There are various locations in the United States where SuperTargets are located, alongside the regular Targets. They include:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Florida
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Virginia
  • Illinois

How Many Super Targets Are There? 

Based on several reports, there are about 538 SuperTarget stores in the US, rising from 239 as of 2014. California is said to have the highest number in any state.

These stores that are approximately 50,000 square feet larger than the regular Targets accommodate exclusive products and amenities.

How Big Is A Super Target?

With “Super” added to the name, it’s clear that it would be larger and more robust than the regular, so one might wonder, How big is a Super Target?

Based on my research, on average, SuperTargets are sized around 180,000 Square feet, 50,000 feet larger than the traditional Target stores of 129,000 square feet.

With the size increase comes the customer base expansion. With larger customers, they often feature a double door entrance, better interior spacing, a bigger parking lot, and more items on the shelves.

Where Did The First Super Target Open? 

The first-ever Super Target store opened in the state of Nebraska in 1995.

super target store locations

What Is Inside A Super Target?  

What is inside a Super Target are the same items you would find in a regular Target, only with more variation, such as a deli, bakery, and butcher. Some SuperTarget stores also have Target Pharmacy, Target Mobile, and other in-house segments.

What Is the Difference Between a SuperTarget and a Regular Target? (Target vs Super Target)

Super Targets differ from the regular in terms of building size, the number of staff, and the availability of certain items. Launched in 1995, Super Target has grown in popularity and locations nationwide, so with more than 500 stores, more facilities in place ensure that customer experience is top-notch.

Many SuperTargets also feature extras like Starbucks Coffee, Taco Bell Express, Pizza Hut Express, Target Optical.

What Is A Super Target? (Conclusion)

To better illustrate what Super Target is, let’s take subscriptions as a focus. While on the free version of a program or software, there are some cool stuff you can do, but some juicy features are limited to the PRO users only.

SuperTarget is more like the PRO version of Target in the sense that the products in the regular stores can be bought at SuperTarget, with additional amenities and products across grocery, meat, banks, healthcare, and more.

The largest Super Target store is located in Hoover, Alabama, with an area of around 4.3 acres (190,000 square feet).

Before heading to any store, you may want to find out when Target restocks to be sure of finding the items you need. You can also shop on their website, Target.com.



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