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When Does Target Restock in 2022? (And How to Get Notified)

When Does Target Restock

Target will easily make the top list of the major retailers in the world, and with its wide range of products and multitude of customers walking in and out of the stores, items vanish from the shelves quickly, so to keep up with demands, they need to be replaced. Hence, the question: when does Target restock, and how often do they refill? Here are our findings.

When Does Target Restock?

Target stores restock essential items every night after closing hours in 2022. Larger products get restocked at least 3 times a week. While products sold at do not have a specific restock timetable, you can sign up for alerts and get notified when your preferred item is available.

What Days Does Target Restock?

Target does a quick restock every night between midnight and 6:00 a.m. for the most essential and high-demand items to ensure that the daytime stock will be enough.

The outdoor goods, equipment, and appliances will usually be restocked every other night, but this could be different.

Suppose there is a shortage of the store’s overnight staff for the more extensive restocks. In that case, the location will usually carry out heavy restocks twice a week, on Monday and Friday, to account for the weekend’s heavy shopping and prep for the next one.

What Time Does Target Restock?

The majority of Target locations will refill their shelves overnight after the store has closed and no customers are present. This begins around 12:00 a.m. and continues until around 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

During this timeframe, high-demand items and essentials are stocked, and for stores with a bigger overnight workforce, larger goods and appliances are stocked simultaneously.

Because of health and safety concerns, Target personnel will continue to stock apparel and home goods throughout the day, but no substantial restocking will take place while consumers are around.

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When Does Target Restock Perishables?

Even though daytime stocking timetables vary from place to place, Target will usually restock its perishable grocery products from late at night to the early morning hours.

During the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., trucks delivering perishable grocery items such as meat, fruit, dairy, vegetables, and frozen items arrive at store locations. These are supplied and stocked as close to opening time as possible to ensure that the product is as fresh as it possibly can be.

How Often Does Target Receive Stock Shipments?

On a typical day, Target shops get around five shipments, depending on the volume of activity at the retail location and the demand from customers.

The majority of popular shop locations in 2022, on the other hand, have received shipments that are arriving considerably more regularly in order to keep up with the demand for edibles, cleaning supplies, and other household staples.

What Days Does Target Receive Shipments?

When does Target restock? Target (and Super Targets) receives shipments on some days, and while a particular location might have a lesser number of shipments, others could be more, depending on how busy the area is. Generally, Target stores receive shipments on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Generally, more supplies are brought in on Fridays due to the weekend rush and Friday afternoon shoppers.

Super busy stores may need supplies every day to meet up with demands, but shipments are typically not received on Sundays.

when does target restock in 2022

When Does Target Restock Online? restocks online when the manufacturers make the items available, which is impacted by the number of back-orders and the market demand.

In this case, if the item you need is unavailable, you can sign up to be notified. More sign-ups alert Target that people are interested and waiting for the item, which will prompt them to restock as soon as possible.

While there can’t be a fixed schedule for online restocking, Target will always try to refill their inventory and keep customers satisfied. Just hold on a while.

How You Can Get Notified When an Out-of-Stock Item Becomes Available (Restock Alert)

You may opt to receive a notification when an item is restocked on Target. Here’s the process:

  • Visit or use the app to sign in to your account.
  • Search for the item
  • On the product detail page, find and click the “notify me when it’s back” button (on the website) or the “notify me” button (on the app).
  • The restock notice will be sent to you via email or push notification on the app.

Note that some products might not have this feature available, and it applies only to online inventory.

What Target Items Are Restocked?

All high-demand and essentials, such as paper products, cleaning supplies, and household basics, are refilled nightly. 

Clothing, home goods, groceries, perishables, and others are continuously restocked throughout the day.

Target will release new products on a seasonal basis, for example, restocking of items such as winter clothes, beanies, mittens, Christmas items, summer shade items, etc.

Each season’s products are often supplied during the preceding season; for example, winter goods are typically available in the fall, around mid-September.

What Is The Time and Day To Shop at Target?

The perfect time to shop at Target is in the morning hours, just right after the stores open, between 8 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. This is because, at this time, every restocked item will be available, and perishables will be fresh.

If this time frame wouldn’t be doable for you, you can wing it, but be aware that stores officially close at 10 p.m., and by this time, most items would have been out of stock, waiting for the next refill.

Also note that since restocking is dependent on the supply and available workforce, even the most in-demand items might not always be restocked every day. This is unusual, but it’s possible. The best bet to find the item you need is to phone your local store and confirm the availability.

(When Does Target Restock?) Conclusion on How Often Target Restocks

To maintain inventory, Target restocks essentials and high-demand items daily. Overnight restocking occurs, with perishables being stocked closest to opening time. Target gets an inflow of shipments every day or per week, depending on the store’s demand. Online items are restocked once shipments arrive, and orders immediately start getting fulfilled (shipped), with back-ordered items going out first.


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