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How I Recovered My Pi Network Account After I Uninstalled The App

how to recover pi account

When Pi Network grew very popular in 2021, there were a lot of hypes about the altcoin, with people predicting that one Pi could value as much as $100 when officially launched. This had a lot of people interested in mining the coins since mining was free and the potentials were mind-blowing. Many people created viral memes to mock pi miners, and they were called a whole lot of names, such as dreamers, lazy youths, fake crypto traders, etc. You should know the story, lol…

After months and months of mining, people eventually started getting tired and disappointed. Their hopes were slowly declining, just as their mining frequency. People who were devout miners started to mine just once in a while as they were running out of patience.

Along the line, several people sold their phones, uninstalled the Pi network App to create space, and even changed numbers. The Pi dream was gradually dying.

Pi Network Recover Account Procedure

When I was heavily invested in mining Pi, I had two phones and two accounts. Eventually, in 2022, I sold one of my phones and uninstalled the Pi app, and I finally stopped mining on my second phone. Truth be told, Pi was long forgotten for me, and I was focusing on my Amazon KDP business.

One day, I opened a WhatsApp group of Internet marketers I belong to, and one of the Admins left a message that caught my attention. He said: “Bring ur pi for naira, bro.”

how to sell pi coins

For someone who loves making money as much as I, that was enough to grab and retain my attention. I quickly sent him a private reply, and he talked about how he was buying 1 single unit of Pi for as much as N385. At that moment, I started calculating because I could swear that I had up to a thousand pi already mined. I just needed to launch my App and sell some to him, right?

Just only if I could find the Pi Network app…

I searched my phone endlessly and didn’t see the App. I redownloaded it from the App Store, thinking my iCloud would sync or something. But nothing… 

At this point, I had two Pi network accounts that I couldn’t even remember their usernames, talk more of their passwords. But yea, I recovered them both. Here’s how:

How I Recovered My Pi Network Password After I Uninstalled the App

recover pi password

I signed up on one of the accounts using my Facebook and the other one using my phone number. For the one with Facebook, it was a little bit easier. I just launched the App, clicked on the “Continue with Facebook” button, followed the process, and got back into my account.

This was a bit frustrating for the account I registered using my phone number. When you click on Continue with Phone number, you’ll be asked to put your country code (+234 in this case) and phone number (08…) and click on submit. Next, you’ll be asked to put your password, but since we’ve forgotten that, you’d click on Forgotten password and recover account.

They’d ask you to send an SMS containing certain digits to various country numbers. Now, you need to send the code to the Israel number. Other countries like USA, UK might not work. I had tried the UK (+447723473314) and the USA number (+16508220314), but the messages either failed to send, or I heard nothing back. Send the unique 5 or 6-digit number displayed to the Israel phone number — +972525031451 (very important), and your account will be unlocked immediately. Next, you must choose a new password and immediately get back into your Pi network account.

To better secure your account, you might want to do a Facebook verification and add your email account.

Now, you might be wondering whether I finally sold my Pi. Well, you can only be able to transfer your mined coin to the mainnet after your KYC approval, and I’m still waiting for mine.

Have you been able to do your Pi Network KYC?


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