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How I’ve Made $340 With Publisher Rocket So Far [Without KDP]

How I’ve Made $340 With Publisher Rocket

When I tell folks about my Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) story, it’s always met with surprise. I joined KDP in January of 2021, and the sudden results I got way exceeded my expectations. Imagine making close to $2,000 your first month on an entirely new venture. I owe this success to Publisher Rocket, and I’ll explain why shortly.

Publisher Rocket Review

When a friend told me about KDP, I was reluctant, like most of us when starting something new. I was convinced that there was potential in self-publishing and selling books on the internet after the numerous reviews and YouTube videos. Still, I wasn’t motivated enough to get started. I guess we’ve all been there.

It wasn’t until after my friend started getting results that I, too, joined. With everything I had learned so far, I knew that getting the book content and book cover ready weren’t even the Hercules tasks. 

The most crucial part of Kindle direct publishing is getting visibility to your book, allowing people to first buy your book and then read the masterpiece you’ve written. I didn’t want to end up spending hours and resources working on my books and designing the “world’s most beautiful” book covers (I do low-content books, by the way), and no one sees it enough to even buy.

I needed the essential ingredient to the broth: Great keywords.

My friend, Marshal, who brought me into KDP, was the one who told me about Publisher Rocket, and without much contemplating and judging by his results, I was sold. I bought the software right away and started digging in.

One thing I love about Publisher Rocket is the feature that tells me how many competitors I’m up against and how much they make on average. These metrics alone help me decide whether to join the “gang” or pitch my tent elsewhere.

How to Use Publisher Rocket

How to use publisher rocket

To use Publisher Rocket is very simple, too simple even. You launch the software, input your seed keyword, and see all other related keywords with their necessary data:

  • Average pages of the competing books
  • Number of competitors
  • Average price
  • Average monthly earning
  • Monthly searches on Amazon (estimated)
  • Competitive score (over 100).

Now, for illustrative purposes, let’s assume I wish to publish a book on Cryptocurrency. I just created a book targeting cryptocurrency beginners, and I’m looking to Publisher Rocket to steer me in the right direction. Here’s what I will do:

  1. I’ll look for keywords that aren’t competitive and have a decent monthly search volume.
  2. Find 7 of such keywords
  3. Input them in my book description text in a natural way
  4. Use Publisher rocket to find the best categories for my book

Going deep into each of these processes will be time-consuming. If you want to master using Publisher rocket, watch these expert tutorials.

How I Have Made $340 Using Publisher Rocket

Firstly, I should mention that I’ve been a freelancer since 2017.

When I started seeing incredible results using Publisher Rocket for my books, I knew I was good at using the tool. At least, I knew what I was doing, as this wasn’t a hit-one, miss-one type of success; my books were all selling great, and I knew I had to leverage on this “new skillset” to make even more money.

I headed over to Fiverr and did some searches to know whether people were already providing keyword research gigs and just how successful they were, just looking outwardly. 

The results for “KDP keyword research” were over 300 (it is currently about 439 now), and I liked how unsaturated it was.

The downside was the small number of reviews on the gigs and how they kept their pricing at $5, with just a few having theirs at $10 and above.

I quickly skimmed through some gigs to get an idea of the concept, and I was on my way to creating my own gig.

  • I used Canva to create a gig image using the Fiverr recommended gig image size of 550 Pixels by 370 pixels
  • Next, I wrote a short but catchy gig description and used Grammarly to make sure my spelling and grammar were top-notch
  • With my gig description and image ready, I went ahead to create my gig.
  • Boom! That was all. I was a bit nervous afterwards, but I let it be and got busy with other things. 

In a matter of days, I got my first order, and the next, then the next, and immediately, I started getting reviews (5-star), and my Publisher Rocket soon paid for itself over and over.

kdp earnings results

At the time of this writing, this $97 tool has helped make over $10,000 on Kindle Direct Publishing in about Eleven months, and $340 on Fiverr in approximately Seven months!

Publisher Rocket didn’t only earn me money on Fiverr but boosted the standing of my account with more recent deliveries and reviews.

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How Much Does Publisher Rocket Cost?

Unlike most tools with recurring payments, Publisher Rocket comes with a one-time lifetime fee, which is like the topping on the cake. You pay once and get access forever. 

Publisher Rocket costs $97! There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if Publisher Rocket just doesn’t do it for you, within 30 days after your purchase, you are eligible for a full refund, no questions asked.

publisher rocket discount code

Is Publisher Rocket Worth It?

One of the main purposes of this article is to answer the question, “Is Publisher Rocket worth it?” and I can only answer based on my experience. 

Publisher rocket isn’t a limited tool; it has limitless potential, from helping get dope selling keywords for your books to the right categories. The new Publisher rocket update also helps with Amazon audiobook keywords, so, all in all, it is the perfect tool for a Kindle direct publishing business.

KDP results with publisher rocket
Is Publisher Rocket Worth It?

Also, you might not immediately see it as such. Still, as entrepreneurs, mastering KDP keyword research and analysis is a mini skill set, and we can offer the service on Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, etc., and make money every month.

publisher rocket discount code

If you are just starting out with Kindle Direct Publishing and have questions, you can check YouTube videos, but if you want my inputs, you can reach out to me at hello@editingbuddies.com, and I will try to help out. 

If you found this article helpful in the bit, kindly share and comment below and checkout this Owodaily review.

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