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Does Walmart Pay Weekly or Bi-weekly in 2022?

does walmart pay weekly or biweekly

Walmart does not pay weekly anymore as it did in the past. In 2022, Walmart pays workers bi-weekly (every two weeks) on Thursday, and this new pay schedule was set to ensure that wages are disbursed correctly to every employee and at the same time.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

Weekly payments are super cool, and that’s what Walmart employees had enjoyed for some time, but policies have changed. Pay schedules could be a concern to new employees, but it should be noted that unless you work in states that require weekly pay (more on that later), Walmart will send your wages every two weeks in 2022.

When is Payday at Walmart?

Walmart’s bi-weekly payday is Thursday.

Walmart follows a 14-day work period that starts from Saturday to Friday, and the wages for every hour worked in this duration are then paid out on Thursday of the preceding week.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly in Some States?

Some states have strict laws that demand employees be paid weekly, and Walmart stores located in these parts of the U.S comply and pay workers every week. Some of the states are:

  • Vermont
  • Iowa
  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • California

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How Much Does Walmart Pay Every 2 Weeks?

Your wage could be different from your co-workers for many reasons. The amount of money Walmart pays to you bi-weekly depends on your hourly rate and how many hours you worked during the previous work period, work position, type of shift (day/night), bonuses earned, and more.

The First Paycheck – What to Expect

The payment cycle is the same for fresh employees at Walmart, but it depends on the day you resume work. You will be paid for orientation, and assuming you start working just two days before the 14-day work period ends, you will get paid accordingly.

There are instances where new recruits get paid after about 3-4 weeks, which could be caused by a delay in the payroll setup.

How to Get Your Walmart Bi-Weekly Pay Sooner

Can’t wait for payday to come? Walmart has partnered with Even™, a personal financing app that allows employees early access to their earned wages.

With the app, a portion of your paycheck will be made available to you before payday! You can then transfer to your bank account or Pay card and get credited in one business day. The cool part is there are no incurred interests!

Another way to get paid sooner (just two days earlier) is through ASAP Direct Deposit using your Walmart MoneyCard.

Does Walmart Mail your First Paycheck?

During orientation at Walmart, you will be required to sign up for a debit card, called a salary payment card, and your first paycheck will be deposited into the account.

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Do Bi-weekly Payments Truly Suck?

While most people prefer getting paid every week, there are some neglected perks with Bi-weekly payments.

  • It could help build your financial responsibility.
  • Knowing that your next pay comes in the next 14 days will keep you in check on lavish expenses.

Conclusion – Does Walmart pay weekly?

Now, we have clarified the query “Does Walmart pay weekly?” and established that payments are sent out every 2 weeks after a work period, and there are ways to get access to a part of that money should in case you need it before payday by using Even

Walmart payments are sent out on Thursdays. However, employees using Walmart MoneyCard also mentioned getting paid on Wednesdays and Fridays for Paper checks.


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