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Ulta Dress Code for Employees in 2022 (What You Can’t Wear)

ulta employee dress code
Ulta dress code for employees

Employees at Ulta have to be easily identified and set apart from customers, so there is a dress code to follow to achieve this. In 2022, Ulta employees cannot wear jeans, sleeveless tops, and shorts. The colors allowed are Black, purple, white, pink, orange, plum purple with variations.

Ulta Dress Code Colors: In Summary

While Ulta stores around the country might have general restrictions against specific dress types, it could be slightly different for each store. The basics are black and the brand colors: orange, pink, purple, grey with their slight variations like black, white, violet, etc.

All in all, you need to dress in a professional manner and appear neat. Toes, fingers, and nails must stay clean.

Also, working departments could affect what you can wear. Hairstylists might be obligated to wear all black, while other employees could mix it up, but at the end of the day, wear what falls within the general dress code and relay all specific questions to your store manager afterward.

Ulta dress code for Shoes

You’d want to wear something flat. You’ll agree that it would be weird wearing heels to work. Some stores allow slip-on sneakers (loafers) but no tennis shoes.


Ulta is a beauty store, so they are indeed concerned about employees looking their best. There are instances where some workers are sent home for not wearing makeup. You can wear makeup, lipstick and all, but do all these before work starts and don’t overdo it.

Are Jeans Allowed at Ulta?

Usually, Ulta frowns against employees wearing jeans to work, with few exceptions, like on weekends and holidays. However, to confirm when you can wear jeans to work, you need to ask your manager.

Can You wear Leggings?

Leggings could be provocative when it’s too revealing. Ulta employees wanting to wear leggings need to have them underneath a dress that covers to the knee level.

What about Tattoos and Piercings?

Tattoos are a form of art, and art is beauty, clearly what Ulta represents. Employees can have tattoos except revealing explicit/offensive ones so as not to make customers uncomfortable. For piercings, a maximum of two per ear is allowed.

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Does Ulta allow Employees to Color their Hair?

Yes, the dress code at Ulta allows colored hair for employees.

Can you wear skirts at Ulta?

Yes, you can wear skirts. Preferably black and not more than 3 inches above the knees. You can look at what others do with this dress type and follow suit.

About Ulta Beauty

Ulta is a beauty spot for cosmetics, fragrance, and skincare. Founded in 1990 by Richard George, Ulta has grown to more than 50 stores in the U.S. in 2022, with its headquarters in Illinois. Formerly known as Ulta3, Ulta beauty has more than 35,000 employees (age 18 and above) who earn, on average, $16 per hour. In 2021, Ulta grew their partners and now have their products being sold at Target.

Getting Employed at Ulta

Ulta, in most states, pays above the minimum hourly wage, a reason why its number of employees keeps piling. When you apply for a job at Ulta beauty, it takes a week to two before you are called for an interview. 

After the interview, you will have to wait for about a week before knowing whether you got the job, but some store managers hire on the spot in some cases.


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