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The Coolidge Scholarship 2022: Application, Requirements, Deadline

the Coolidge Scholarship

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annual presidential scholarship awarded to junior high school students covering tuition, board, room, and other expenses for four years of undergraduate study in any academic discipline and accredited university or college in the United States.

What Is The Coolidge Scholarship About?

The Coolidge Scholarship is a program managed by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation that oversees students’ expenses fully paid during a college or university four-year undergraduate study program in any discipline across the United States.

Coolidge Scholarship Application

Applying for the Coolidge scholarship fund is open to only junior high school students. After receiving all applications, the Coolidge scholarship board will select a set of finalists and fly them for a weekend to Plymouth Notch, Vermont, for an interview by a finalist jury at the Coolidge Historic Site. Finalists are allowed to bring along one parent.

At the late end of their junior year, the recipients of the award (known as Coolidge Scholars) are chosen out of the many finalists and notified just before college application starts.

During the summer before senior year, the newly-selected Coolidge scholars will partake in several orientations at Plymouth Notch, Vt., where they learn more about Coolidge, his heritage, and more. There will also be subsequent weekly summer visits while in college.

The finalists who weren’t lucky enough to become Coolidge scholars (now known as Coolidge Senators) will still get some compensation in the form of a one-time, smaller scholarship. Additionally, they get invitations to the all-expense-paid annual Coolidge submit in Wahington, D.C., get to tour the East Wing of the White House, hear former Governors speak, and meet top officials from federal agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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How to Apply for the Coolidge Scholarship 2022

To apply for the Coolidge scholarship program, you must create a profile and provide all the required details.

Here are the steps:

  • First, create an account on the Coolidge Scholarship portal.
  • You need to edit your profile with the following correct data:
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email (Do not use your school email address)
  4. Phone number
  5. Country
  6. Home Address
  7. City
  8. Date of birth
  9. Parent/Guardian Information
  10. High School Information
  11. High School Counsellor Information
  • On the next page, you will be able to upload the three vital documents: Honesty Statement, Letters of Reference, and Academic Information.

Honesty statement: Note that false information or exaggerated, misleading details will automatically disqualify you. Parents are not permitted to be involved in this part.

Letters of Reference: Two letters no longer than 1,200 words from two individuals. One should talk about the student’s academic achievements and prowess, while the other focuses on character and feats outside the classroom.

Academic Information: These include your test scores (CLT, SAT, PAST, ACT), transcripts and resumes, and Essays (mostly questions about The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. Answer them in a correct format free of spelling and grammar errors. You can use Grammarly for assistance). If you haven’t done any of the tests before, you can specify that.

is the Coolidge scholarship worth it?

Criteria for the Coolidge Scholarship

The main criteria for the Coolidge Scholars are academic excellence, humility, devotion to service, and demonstrated interest in public policy.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants for the Coolidge scholarship must be in their junior year of high school (or an equivalent if home-schooled) and intend to enroll in a full-time study at any accredited U.S. college or university.
  • They must be permanent residents or lawful citizens of the United States.
  • Direct family members of employees or trustees of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation or Coolidge Scholars Program cannot apply.
  • Applicants cannot be high school seniors.

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Is The Coolidge Scholarship Worth It?

Coolidge scholarship could be worth applying for because:

  1. It covers all the student’s expenses
  2. A student’s financial situation is not a factor when determining 
  3. Students of any background, race, and gender can apply
  4. The award can be employed for any discipline of study
  5. Applicable in any college or university in the U.S

Coolidge Scholarship Deadline

All application documents and information must be submitted by Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at 5:00 p.m EST.

Coolidge Scholarship Past Winners (Scholars) and Number of Yearly Applicants

Every year, an average of 2,000 students apply for the Coolidge Scholarship across all states in America, and the list of winners can be found here. The class of 2021 had 22 Coolidge scholars.

Is it Hard to Get the Coolidge Scholarship?

The Coolidge Scholarship is a need-blind award. However, the criteria lie around academic merit and character virtues. It isn’t hard to become a Coolidge Scholar, and the cool part is if you miss it, you can be chosen as a Coolidge Senator.


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