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Arellano LMS [How to Use, Tuition Fees, and Scholarships]

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Arellano LMS is a component by the Arellano university exclusive to students that allows online learning anywhere around the world. Arellano uses an LMS (learning management software) called Moodle for students in the basic education, college, and graduate school programs in 2022.

How Do You Use Arellano LMS?

Moodle has a mobile app from which you can log in to your Arellano dashboard and view courses online and offline, submit assignments and interact with classmates on the go. Alternatively, you can access the LMS portal using your browser on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

To register for Lms Arellano, you need to choose the campus of your choice from Juan Sumulong, Jose Abad Santos, Apolinario Mabini, Plaridel, Jose Rizal, Elisa Esguerra, ETEEAP, School of Law Apolinario Mabini, and Andres Bonifacio and log in on the Arellano LMS student portal.

Arellano LMS: How Do I Enroll In Arellano University?

Since existing students can only access the Arellano LMS platform, it’s right to know how to apply to the university.

Asides from paying the tuition fee (in part or full) and meeting the admission requirements, prospective students will need to undergo evaluation and counseling by college deans and advisers.

TheAdmission Requirements:

  • Form 138
  • A certificate of good character issued by the student’s high school principal or community leader where they reside.
  • Certificate of eligibility for admission to college from the Commission on Higher Education

For International Students:

  • Affirmed transcript of records
  • Photocopies (2) of the student’s visa
  • Two 1.5″ x 1.5″ passport photographs
  • Two photocopies each of the student’s certificate of residence for temporary students and alien certificate of registration.

The enrollment procedures can be found on the school website.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in Arellano?

The tuition fee in Arellano University sits at around 22,500 pesos, approximately USD 439.66.

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Arellano University Scholarships

Arellano university was founded in 1938 by Florentino Cayco, Sr., under the name Arellano Law College and renamed in April 1945 after the end of World War II. Arellano university offers a range of scholarships for its programs, and if you are looking to apply for one, keep reading.

F. Cayco Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a select few university freshmen who graduated from AU. These are students moving from the Arellano high school to the university with superb grades, and this scholarship covers the whole tuition and miscellaneous cost.

Scholarship for High School Graduates with Honors

This scholarship is open to AU graduates and graduates from other high schools. The highest honors (GWA 98-100%) cover 100% tuition, GWA 95-97% cover 75%, while GWA 90-94% takes care of 50% tuition fees.


  • Certification note from the college Principal
  • Photocopy of card

Academic Achievement in College

This tuition-covering Arellano scholarship is awarded to hundreds of students based on academic performance in a semester or school year. It requires being enrolled in a minimum of 18 unit courses in the previous semester. And to maintain this award for the coming semesters, awardees have to maintain a high general weighted average (GWA) not below 1.51.

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Arellano University Campus Locations

  1. Arellano University Main Campus in Legarda
  2. Plaridel Campus in Mandaluyong City
  3. Juan Sumulong Campus in Legarda, Manila
  4. Andres Bonifacio Campus in Pasig City
  5. Elisa Esguerra Campus in the city of Malabon
  6. Jose Abad Santos Campus in Pasay City
  7. Apolinario Mabini Campus (AU School of Law) in Pasay City

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