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Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons? (All You Need to Know in 2022)

does walmart fill up balloon

Yes, Walmart does blow balloons, but only at some of its stores in 2022. It costs $0.25 or more, depending on the balloon size, shape, and type, but they must have been bought from a Walmart store. If you prefer to DIY the process, Walmart sells helium tanks.

Does Walmart Fill Balloons?

Balloons bring color and fun to parties. They could be used as decor for many purposes, especially baby showers. However, blowing up balloons could be a bit of a challenge, especially with helium gas. Walmart offers this service for a cheap amount, and they are known to fill up balloons with Helium at their stores, although just a select few.

A better bet when you plan to have parties regularly or offer balloon blowing as a gig is to purchase one of the helium tanks on Walmart.com or at a physical store. It costs about $30.

Which Walmart Stores Blow up Balloons Near You?

You need to confirm whether the Walmart stores near you actually blow up balloons before heading there, and the best way to do this is by making a phone call. Find the contact details of the Walmart stores close to you, then call to inquire.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the Walmart store finder website.
  • Enter your zip code for more targeted results
  • A list of stores will be displayed with a “Details” icon. Clicking it will reveal the contact number, estimated distance, and available hours.
  • Call the store and confirm if they blow up balloons. If they do, you can go there. If not, check other nearby stores.

You should find a Walmart store near you in less than three calls that fill balloons with Helium.

A point to note is that Walmart will mostly only blow up the balloons bought at a Walmart store or online (Walmart.com). To confirm whether you can bring in balloons bought elsewhere, say a Super Target, you need to ask that question when on the call. If they do, you will likely pay a higher fee.

How Can You Get Balloons Blown Up at Walmart?

The chances of visiting a random Walmart store that blows up balloons without first inquiring are slim. So, after following the process of finding a nearby store (check the section above), you would be 100% certain. What’s left is to visit the specific store, purchase the balloons there, and ask for them to be blown up.

How much Does it Cost to Get Balloons Blown up at Walmart?

It costs, on average, 25 cents to get a single balloon filled with Helium at Walmart. However, the larger the balloon, the more Helium needed to blow it up, so the price might go a bit higher.

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What You Can Do if Nearby Walmart Does Not Blow up Balloons

If, after inquiry, the Walmart near you does not blow up balloons, there are two recommended options.

  1. Buy a Helium tank and Do It Yourself: Helium tanks are available at Walmart and can be bought online. They cost anywhere from $30, depending on their size and capacity. You may then go on YouTube for instructional videos on how to use it. Alternatively, you can purchase it at a Walmart store, and the staff could advise you on the steps to follow.
  2. Try other Stores: Check out nearby stores, from Dollar Tree, CVS, Wally’s Party Factory, Ralphs, etc. You’d want to confirm their terms on this service.

Can I Blow Up Balloons at Sam’s Club?

Although Sam’s Club is a division of Walmart, you cannot blow up balloons there. However, they sell helium tanks if you want to fill up your balloons yourself.

What Balloon Type Does Walmart Blow Up?

Walmart will blow up Mylar and Latex balloons in all shapes and sizes at their stores that offer the service.

Does Walmart sell Already Blown up Balloons?

I checked the Walmart website and couldn’t find any balloon that is shipped already blown up. They all arrive flat and empty. You should reach out to Walmart for advice.

Does Walmart Fill Helium Balloons?

Yes, Walmart does fill balloons with helium, as long as you bought the balloons at their store. As this is not a general service, only a select store will do this for you. If you purchased the balloons at other stores, say Target, they won’t be accepted to be filled with helium at Walmart.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Blow Up Balloons?

Walmart indeed does fill up balloons, but only at selected stores. You also need to purchase the balloons there. The service costs $0.25 per balloon, but the price may be higher for the bigger ones with more complex shapes.

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