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How Deep is the Olympics 2022 Diving Pool?

The 2022 Olympics in Beijing, China, officially starts today. The winter Olympics 2022, also known as the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, is a Sixteen-day event with 2,871 athletes from 91 nations. So, how deep is the Olympics 2022 diving pool? I have the answer to that and more. Keep reading.

When is the Winter Olympics 2022?

The winter Olympics 2022 is set to run from February 4th, 2022, to February 20th, 2022. During this period, athletes will compete for medals and gain accolades for their countries across Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track Speed Skating, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard, Speed Skating.

How Deep is the Olympics Diving Pool

Beijing 2022: How Deep is the Olympics Diving Pool?

Safety is paramount in every competition, and at the Olympics, the International Federation of Aquatic Sports (FINA) recommends specific requirements. The diving pools at the Olympics are 5 meters deep.

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Where to Watch Winter Olympics 2022

This year, the Olympics partnered with Peacock to stream all its events, right from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, and access Peacock streaming costs $4.95 monthly. However, highlights of the games will be aired on NBC, and you can also check Youtube TV. 


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