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Daylies or Dailies – Which Is Correct?


What is the correct spelling between Daylies and Dailies? They sound alike when pronounced, with minor differences in spelling, but are they two different correct English words?

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Daylies vs. Dailies

Daylies is the incorrectly-spelled version of Dailies

Dailies Meaning

To better understand the difference between Daylies and Dailies, you would need to first know what Dailies mean. It is the plural of “Daily” and has several definitions:

  1. It could refer to the daily newspaper publications. For example, in a sentence: On my way back from the Super target, I’ll stop by for some popular dailies.
  2. A woman that is hired to clean a house every day. Sentence: My dailies arrive at 12 noon
  3. Personal activities or to-dos that an individual crafts. Sentence: That event isn’t part of my dailies
  4. It is the first set of prints in cinematography after the takes (also called the rushes). Sentence: Before sending out for pre-editing, the co-director has to view the dailies.

Daylies or Dailies – Which Is Correct?

Dailies is the correct word among the two. Daylies is a common error that people are prone to make, although you can make your writings completely error-free by using a free tool called Grammarly.

Similar Misspelled Variations of Dailies

  • Daylis
  • Dailis
  • Dailes
  • Dalies
  • Dailys.

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