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Is it Succesful or Successful? [Which Spelling is correct]

Succesful vs Successful

I admit that written English could be confusing at times, especially words having a series of double letters, like hippopotamus, successful, etc.

It is very easy to confuse and mix up succesful with successful. Unless you are using a writing aid like Grammarly to help spot errors for free, anyone is prone to fall to their spelling similarity.

Succesful vs. Successful – Which is Correct?

Both succesful and successful are derived from the word, success, and act as its adjective. The suffix ful is added to success to form the correct adjective, so successful is success + ful = successfulSuccesful, which is a common mistake people make, simply omits the second ‘s’ before the ‘f.’ 

Successful means achieving an aim and getting desired results. However, succesful is simply a misspelling of the word, successful, and is not an actual English word itself.

Similar Misspellings of Successful

  • Sucessfull
  • Sucessful
  • Sucesful
  • Successfull
  • Succesfull

Examples of Successful In Sentences:

  1. My scholarship application was successful after reading about the procedure online.
  2. James had such a successful e-commerce business in such a short time.
  3. To be successful, you have to work hard and smart.
  4. Man, I just want to be successful.

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Successful Synonym

If you are having a hard time spelling the word, successful, correctly, it might be better to use a synonym with easier spelling that you can get used to. These are some of the synonyms of successful:

  1. Victorious
  2. Triumphant
  3. Fortunate
  4. Thriving
  5. Flourishing
  6. Booming
  7. Prosperous
  8. Progressive

Successful Antonyms

Antonyms are the opposite meaning of words, and here are some antonyms of successful:

  1. Unsuccessful
  2. Unprogressive

Conclusion on Succesful vs. Successful

Successful is the correct word between the two, and it is the adjective of success. Succesful is a common misspelling and should be avoided. Try Grammarly for FREE to check and correct all your words to sound professional and knowledgeable.

Successfully or Succesfully

When you put successfully and succesfully side by side on which is correct, successfully wins, as it is the correct spelling.

Succesfully is a common misspelling that omits the second ‘s‘ before ‘fully.’

Examples of Successfully in Sentences

  1. She was so diligent in her research that she successfully won the grant.
  2. Alas, I just successfully sent the mail.

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