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Does Starbucks Have a Cat Drink in 2022?

Does Starbucks have drinks for pets
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You might be wondering what to get your cat for a snack when you visit Starbucks. As cats can’t consume just anything, does Starbucks have a cat drink?

Yes, Starbucks has a special drink for cats called Puppuccino or Pup Cup. It is whipped cream with no toppings, and while it is free to get, it’s not on the Starbucks menu, available online, or in every store in 2022.

What Exactly Is a Puppuccino?

A “puppuccino” was developed by Starbucks as a specially-made treat for cats and dogs who were left out from all the delicacies their human family did enjoy. Although it was created with dogs in mind, Pup cups are for cats too!

Is Puppuccinos a Healthy Food Choice?

A puppuccino is a Starbucks exclusive cup filled with whipped cream without coffee or syrup added, and while it is not considered a replacement to cat food, a lick once in a while won’t do any harm. It isn’t what is regarded as a healthy food for your cat or dog since it contains milk and sugar that you wouldn’t typically include in their diet, as whipped cream contain lactose, although in small quantity, which cats could be intolerant of.

How Much is a Pup Cup at Starbucks?

A Pup cup costs $0 and is 100% free. Our dogs and cats don’t make their own money (at least, only some do), so Starbucks has set the puppuccino delight to be free of charge.

Even though it’s free, that doesn’t mean we should be reckless with the quantity. A small-sized Pup cup should do, as you wouldn’t want to overfeed your pet with whipped cream.

What are Pup Cups Made Of?

Pup cups are made up of purely whipped cream without any additional flavoring like hot chocolate, syrup, coffee, etc. It’s just whipped cream, which itself is made up of cream and sugar.

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How is a Puppuccino Ordered?

Pup cups are not on the regular Starbucks menu, and customers like to say it’s on the “secret menu,” so you simply have to ask the barista. Some physical stores do not even offer Puppuccinos, and you won’t find it on the Starbucks website or app. Since it’s free, you do not have to buy any additional items to get a Pup cup. 

A sure way to avoid visiting multiple stores while trying to get a puppuccino is to call ahead. Use the Starbucks store locator to find the contact details of the closest ones and make a call to confirm whether they give puppuccino or recommend a store that does.

Do all Starbucks have Puppuccino?

No. Puppuccinos is only available in some Starbucks stores.

Can Cats Have a Little Whipped Cream?

Cats love Pup cups, so giving them little whipped cream will definitely make them happy!

Tips for Giving Your Cat a Puppuccino

Puppuccinos are so delicious that your cat wouldn’t know better than to overeat, and one can’t predict the outcome. Feed them slowly to avoid running to the vet due to stomach upset and vomiting. You can put one or two spoonfuls on the lid of the cup, as Moderation is key. You can keep the rest in the refrigerator for later, or if you find it tasty yourself, you both could indulge.

Does Starbucks Have a Cat Drink? (Conclusion)

Starbucks does have a drink for pets called Puppuccino (or Pup cups).

They can be given to dogs and cats at reasonable amounts and time intervals. You could limit it to special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, etc., but it should never replace real, healthy cat food.

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