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Atire or Attire [Which Is Correct?]


Atire and Attire are differentiated by the double “t” (tt) in attire and a single “t” in atire. It is very easy to confuse both, so which is the correct word?

Atire vs. Attire

The word atire is a misspelling of the correct word, attire. The spelling error is easy to come because they sound alike. But, in writing, they are totally different. Atire isn’t an actual English word, so if you find yourself using it, you need to stop.

Attire is the correct word, both in UK and US English.

Wrong spelling: atire

Correct spelling: attire

What Does Attire Mean?

Attire is a noun for clothes, especially unique, fine ones.


  1. I saw her at the party in her adorned attire
  2. The movie costumier has a thang for great attires
  3. I loved Jack’s attire last night. It was gorgeous
  4. We just stocked up on new attires on our store

Similar Misspellings of Attire

  • Attir
  • Atir
  • Attre
  • Attier
  • Atier

What are the Synonyms for Attire?

These are the attire synonyms that can be used as a replacement in sentences:

  • Apparel
  • Clothing
  • Garments
  • Clothes
  • Dress
  • Wear
  • Outfit

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