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How to Apply For the $1.7M Bhad Bhabie Scholarship

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Bhad Bhabie, full name Danielle Bregoli, went viral in 2016 with the catchy phrase  “Cash me ousside” and has remained an internet sensation and meme star ever since. She went on to become the youngest female rapper ever to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. 

A couple of months ago, the 19-year-old revealed she made over $50m from OnlyFans. Well, the young rapper is giving back to society, and instead of handing out dollar bills as giveaways, she’s sending people to school with the Bhad scholarship in partnership with Educapital Foundation, INC., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

This article covers what the Bhad Bhabie scholarship entails, how to apply, how much the fee is, and more. Let’s begin with the scholarship packages.

The Bhad Bhabie Scholarship

The Bhad Bhabie scholarship, also known as the Bhad scholarship, is a $1.7 million scholarship fund program awarded to over 1,000 students but in varying amounts and structures.

  1. $1M is allocated to 1,000 trade students. Trade students are those who are enrolled in trade courses that teach hands-on and technical skills, such as plumbing, welding, event planning, web development, etc. Each trade student gets $1,000.
  2. $500K is awarded as a scholarship to 50 graduates as a form of startup capital. So, each person gets $10,000.
  3. $200K split into $10,000 as full-ride scholarships for graduates of local trade schools. A full-ride scholarship covers every form of expense, from books, tuition, housing, and meals, and could even cover living costs. Twenty awardees are picked here.

Note: The award is exclusive to new students, so you shouldn’t apply if you’re already enrolled in school.

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Application Process

  • The official website for the Bhad Bhabie scholarship is https://bhadscholarships.com/, where you can get more info. When there, you can click on the “APPLY NOW” button that takes you to a web form.
  • The Application web form is https://form.jotform.com/221910519043549, where you will answer 18 questions.
  • You have to provide the following correct information:
  1. First and last name
  2. Your location (state, city, street address, etc.)
  3. Your phone number
  4. Email address
  5. You have to write a comprehensive text on why you’re interested in learning a trade.
  6. Select your field of study, e.g., digital marketing, coding, publishing, nursing, e-commerce, etc.
  7. The date when you feel ready to start learning
  8. Select whether you have an HS Diploma or GED
  9. Tell a bit about why you’re applying for the scholarship
  10. Select the type of tuition financing you prefer
  11. List the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your two references
  12. Lastly, provide your signature as a form of certification of the scholarship application and the information provided.
  13. Click on the final Submit button
  14. Within 48 hours, your decision letter will be sent to your email, so endeavor to check your spam folder.

More Info on the Bhad Scholarship

The scholarship partners with many accredited schools, a few being CUNY, Berkeley College, and Rutgers University. For more information and answers to questions that you may have, contact Educapital Foundation’s Michelle Miller at michelle@edu-capital.org.


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