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How to Get a Loan on Zamcash Zambia + Repayment (Easy Steps)

Zamcash loans Zambia is a financial platform that provides loans to those in need of some support, with the aim of paying back and getting the money with total ease and swiftly.

Have you ever been in a rut and needed cash to do something with the plans of paying back once you get paid your salary? Finding someone willing to lend you such an amount could be a Hercules task, and I believe we’ve all been there. How can you convince someone to give you a loan? Zamcash is here to take away that stress from you.

Why Zamcash Is A Great Way To Claim Loans In Zambia

How to Get a Loan on Zamcash Zambia

  1. No Paperwork Is Required: One of the reasons people avoid going the traditional routes via the banks and microfinance institutions is because the process involved is lengthy, tiring, and frustrating. You will normally be required to present several documents, signatures, referees, guarantors, collaterals, etc. Zamcash doesn’t require all these. There is totally no paperwork required to get a loan on Zamcash. You only need to sign up with the necessary details and input the amount needed, and get paid within minutes after confirmation.
  2. You Can Apply on Your Mobile Device: Applications for the loans shouldn’t drag you to a bank or shop, etc. You can complete the whole process right from your mobile phone, making it a fast and easy means of getting loans in Zambia.
  3. The Process Is Seamless: Have you ever imagined a time when you could stay right in the comfort of your home and get that necessary funded needed? Well, the time is now. Zambians cannot be grateful enough for Zamcash.
  4. Zamcash is Licensed and regulated by the Bank of Zambia: You are 100% protected against scams of any form. With full authorization and license to operate in Zambia, there is insurance for your money.

Zamcash Loans Zambia Application

zamcash loan zambia sign up

Here’s the process of signing up on Zamcash, applying for a loan, and getting the money in your mobile money account.

  1. First thing first, visit the Zamcash website
  2. Click on the red ‘NEXT‘ button to get started.
  3. You will be asked to input your MTN or Airtel mobile number.
  4. A verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided, and you’ll need to input the code to complete your registration.
  5. You will need to fill in your personal details and submit work info like your next of kin, workmates, NRC, etc.
  6. Click on SUBMIT to complete the sign-up process.


  1. Change your browser
  2. Check your signal or change location.
  3. If you have an outstanding phone bill, you may need to clear it first.
  4. Check your phone storage and confirm whether you can receive new messages.

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How To Get A Loan On Zamcash

The process is simple, right after you have created your account. It is a three-step process to claim the loan:

  • Input the required amount and the terms suitable for you to return the money
  • Answer the short questionnaire that follows
  • Wait for at least 10-30 minutes for the fund to be transferred to you.

Zamcash Zambia Contact Information

You possibly have some questions in regards to Zamcash and haven’t gotten satisfactory responses on Facebook and anywhere else. Your best bet is to read answers to some of the frequently asked questions or contact the customer support available Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM using the details below:

  • 260 776435588
  • 260 962307480
  • 260 962303456
  • 260 962099742

Alternatively, you can shoot them an e-mail at

How Much Will You Pay Back For A Loan (Commission/Fee)

The added amount for every loan you collect depends on the duration to pay back (usually 14 days) and the stated amount, but the average commission is at around 20%.

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Zamcash Loans Zambia Repayment Steps – MTN and Airtel

Zamcash loans made the repayment process as simple as possible by making payment possible in two ways:

Login to your account and click on Repay, and the payment methods will be displayed:

  1. Payment via WEBPAY through your MTN or Airtel Mobile money
  2. USSD channel via your MTN or Airtel Mobile money.

How Do You Repay Using Airtel

One of the popular questions that Zamcash customers ask is how to pay back the loan, and the process is simple. You can repay your zamcash loan both on Airtel and Mtn.

Here’s how to pay back using Airtel

  • Using your Airtel number, dial *115#
  • In the command prompt, select 4 (Make Payment)
  • Then Option 6 (Goods and services)
  • Input 1 for merchant code
  • The merchant code for Zamcash loan is zam
  • Select Repayment
  • Input your Reference next, which is your NRC number with no slashes
  • Then your Mobile money Pin

There’s an additional charge of K2.5 when repaying using Airtel, so make the money available or else, your repayment won’t be processed. You can also use any Airtel number (even if it’s not yours) to repay but make sure you put your NRC as reference so the payment will be linked to you.

Here’s how to pay back using MTN

  • Using your MTN number, dial *303#
  • In the command prompt, select option 2 (Pay Bill)
  • Then Option 6 (Retail Payment)
  • Type in zam on Merchant code
  • Enter your repayment amount due
  • Input your NRC without slash as your Reference
  • Enter your mobile money (Momo) pin

Note that MTN charges an additional K3.5 fee when repaying Zamcash loan, so make the money available or else, your repayment won’t be successful. You can also use any MTN number (anyone at all) to repay but make sure you put your NRC as reference so the payment will be linked to you.

Why Zamcash Charges K25 from Every Loan Amount

You might have noticed that there is a K25 deducted from every loan amount requested. Meaning that you may ask for K400 but have K375 disbursed to you. Well, the K25 is unavoidable and is known as Approval Fees.

Why You Don’t Qualify for Zamcash Loans

You have probably tried severally to get a loan from Zamcash and have been told that you do not qualify at this time, and although that could be really frustrating since other people are getting their applications approved, there are some possible reasons why Zamcash doesn’t qualify you for a loan.

  1. You didn’t provide correct details
  2. You have already applied for a loan from the sister company, BiuMoney.
  3. You used a co-worker as your next of kin
  4. You’ve already defaulted on other loan platforms and you’ve been blacklisted
  5. You didn’t repay your last loan (if you had gotten a Zamcash loan before) on time
  6. Your credit profile isn’t a convenient match at the moment.

Zamcash App

There is an app on Google Play that claims to be the mobile app of Zamcash loans, but it looks suspicious. Zamcash has made no mention of an app on their website or social media channels, and the app was developed by developers called Cash Credit Loans. In summary, avoid the app and access Zamcash through its website on preferable Google Chrome browser.

Most times, you’d be given a new date to reapply, so be patient. Also, if your loan application was successful, let us know in the comments, and if you need further assistance, leave a comment also.


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