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How to Apply for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

How to Apply for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

The Shawn Carter scholarship is recognized as a public charity program that was founded by Gloria Carter and her son Shawn Carter (professionally recognized as Jay-Z), who is a popular American rapper and media personality.

The scholarship program was founded in the year 2003 by Mother and Son, and has since then been helping students in taking care of their financial burden by assisting them in paying their tuition fees and other related fees.

This fully-funded undergraduate scholarship program was founded on the belief that motivated students that are not buoyant financially should be given the opportunity to complete their education. Another interesting aspect of this scholarship program is that it provides the opportunity for recipients of this scholarship to reapply the following year in cases where they need more financial support.

As I earlier stated, this scholarship program helps in bearing the financial burden that is being borne by students as it helps in taking care of tuition related expenses and other essential educational expenses such as books, traveling allowance, stipends for maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred in the process of learning.

The Shawn Carter scholarship is also reaching out to students and individuals that are motivated, determined, resilient, hardworking, and also individuals that would make positive contributions both at home and globally to apply for this scholarship program as it is open to every student irrespective of your race, identity, and religion.

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Eligibility Requirements for the Shawn Carter Scholarship 

  1. Applicants must be fluent in the use of the English language
  2. Applicants must be a citizen or permanent residents of the United States
  3. Applicants must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree
  4. Applicants must be high school seniors
  5. Applicants must be students with GED diplomas
  6. Applicants must be students that are enrolled in a 2 or 4 year undergraduate program
  7. Applicants must be students that are enrolled in an accredited vocational or trade school
  8. Applicants must not be above the age of 25 years
  9. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  10. Applicants’ annual household must not exceed the sum of $75,000.

A brief Summary of the Shawn Carter scholarship

  • Level of study: Undergraduate programs
  • Field of study: Any field
  • Institution of study: Any accredited institution in the United States
  • Country of study: United States of America (U.S.A)

Shawn Carter Scholarship Program Coverage 

The below listed are the things that the Shawn Carter scholarship funds help in covering:

  1. Tuition fees of the recipients
  2. Provision of books and textbooks that would be needed during the period of study
  3. Travel allowance (when needed)
  4. Stipends in the form of maintenance allowance and other miscellaneous expenses

However, the Shawn Carter scholarship is worth around $1,500 and $2,500, depending on the financial need of the applicants.

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How to Apply for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

The following steps best explain how interested individuals can apply for the Shawn Carter scholarship program:

  1. Interested students and applicants that meet the eligibility requirements of this scholarship program are told to create an account here.
  2. Applicants are then prompted to submit other supporting documents such as
  • FAFSA or a recent tax form
  • An official or unofficial transcript
  • A financial aid award letter
  • And an essay should describe the individual and how the individual plans on using that scholarship program to bring about a positive contribution.

3. Submit your application as selected applicants will be contacted via an email

Note: applicants would be chosen based on different criteria, such as socioeconomic factors, community service, community service, and the quality of the essay that the applicant wrote. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Shawn Carter Scholarship 

How much is the Shawn Carter scholarship? The Shawn Carter Scholarship is valued between $1,500 and $2,500 for applicants depending on their financial needs.

Can I reapply for the Shawn Carter scholarship even after receiving it the previous year? Yes, former recipients of this scholarship program can reapply for the scholarship funds in cases where necessary.

Is the Shawn Carter scholarship for both graduate and undergraduate programs? No, the Shawn Carter scholarship is only available to undergraduate students pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Who is eligible for the Shawn Carter scholarship? The Shawn Carter scholarship is open to high school seniors and students who are enrolled or are planning on getting enrolled in a two or 4-year undergraduate degree program.

Can foreign students apply for the Shawn Carter scholarship? No, foreign students do not qualify for the Shawn Carter scholarship as it is only open to students that are citizens or permanent resident holders in the United States.

For additional info concerning the Shawn Carter Scholarship, you can look them up via their website or make a direct inquiry concerning the scholarship here.

Subsequently, you can be a part of their social media community by following them on various platforms such as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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