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Coca Cola Scholarship 2022: Deadline, Application, Worth

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The Coca Cola Scholarship (Coca Cola Scholars Program) is a well-known and well-respected corporate scholarship program in the United States. The initiative was established in 1986 as a combined effort of Coca-Cola Bottlers and The Coca-Cola Company to mark the 100th anniversary of their flagship brand. Through college scholarships, it leaves a lasting legacy for the education of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is also dedicated to assisting as many students as possible. However, due to many applicants and limited resources, only a tiny fraction of student scholarships are awarded.

Students are also acknowledged for their leadership and service abilities. However, the application link provided below will provide you with further information regarding the Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship.

How to Win the Coca-cola Scholarship

Since its inception, the Coca-Cola Scholars program has awarded over $38 million in college scholarships to over 4,250 students.

This scholarship is based on academic achievement. It is given to high school seniors who are graduating. Students are also praised for their leadership and service abilities and the determination to make a positive difference in their schools and communities.

The foundation also gives $3 million to students entering college via its “Four-Year Award for Seniors” program and $400,000 to students attending two-year colleges through its “Coca-Cola Two-Year Colleges Scholarship” program.

The Coca-Cola scholarships are merit-based, and you don’t have to drink Coca-Cola to be eligible! Students who have exhibited leadership abilities and community involvement through volunteerism and those who have excelled academically are sought by the foundation.

After receiving their Coca-Cola scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholars must commit to a lifetime of community leadership and service.

Benefits of Coca Cola Scholarship 2022

As a scholarship winner, you will have 4-10 years to spend the full amount of the grant toward tuition and other educational expenditures such as on-campus accommodation, a new computer, or textbooks at an eligible college or institution.

You’d also join the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation’s extensive network and be invited to the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation’s many receptions across the country, as well as the Leadership Summit in Atlanta every five years.

Many notable alumni from a variety of professions and businesses make up the Coca-Cola Scholars network.

General Requirements for Coca Cola Scholarship 2022.

  • The program is open to all high school graduates in the United States who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, whether they are homeschooled or attend a traditional school.
  • They must have at least a 3.0 GPA and cannot be the offspring or grandchildren of Coca-Cola employees.

Coca Cola Scholarship Application

There are no application essays or supplemental documentation required for this scholarship. For the Coca-Cola Scholarship, the only criterion is that you submit a full application.

It will still take some time to finish the application. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll be asked to include:

  • Contact information

You’ll need to supply your high school’s ACT/SAT code, as well as the emails and phone numbers of your school counselor and principal, in addition to your personal contact information.

  • Your Academic credentials

Starting in your freshman year, you’ll need to know your class rank and size in addition to your grades and courses. You’ll also need to know how many AP, IB, and/or Honors courses are available at your school.

  • Clubs and groups at school

This section will detail your participation and leadership responsibilities in clubs and organizations such as:

  1. Student Council
  2. Class Officer
  3. Academic/Honor Societies
  4. Athletics
  5. School newspaper or School Literary Magazine, School Yearbook
  6. Speech, Debate, or Forensics
  7. Drama, Theater, Dance or Other Performing Arts
  8. Visual arts
  9. Music (Band, Orchestra, Vocal)
  10. Any Other School-Related Clubs, Organizations, or Intramurals
  • Awards, honors, remarkable skills, or talents received in school and outside of school:

You’ll also have to select your greatest level of achievement (local, state, regional, or national) for each grade in which you got the award or distinction in this section.

  • Volunteer and community service activities:

You’ll list your involvement and leadership responsibilities in unpaid community service activities in this section, just like you did in the section for clubs and organizations. You’ll also need to mention any accolades you’ve gotten for those activities, as well as the overall number of hours you spent on community service throughout each grade level and the number of volunteer hours required for graduation.

  • Experiences with paid work:

You must provide information on the number of weeks worked, the average number of hours worked per week during the school year, and the average number of hours worked during the summer for any paid employment.

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Scholarship Deadline (Closing Date)

When is the coca cola scholarship deadline?

An overview of the scholarship timeline is as follows:

  • August is the start of the Coca-Cola Scholarship application period.
  • The application will close at the end of October.
  • In November, 2,000 semi-finalists are chosen to advance to the next round.
  • Semi-finalists must submit additional scholarship application materials in December.
  • In January, the number of semi-finalists is reduced to 250.
  • February is when the regional interviews are held for the remaining semi-finalists.
  • The winners of the 150 Coca-Cola Scholarships are announced in March.
  • Scholarship awardees are invited to Scholars Weekend in Atlanta in late March or early April.

Categories of Coca Cola Scholarship

The scholarship program is divided into three categories:

  1. Coca Cola Scholarships First Generation
  2. Coca Cola Scholarship 2 Year Colleges
  3. Coca Cola Scholarships 4 Year Colleges

Coca Cola First Generation Scholarship

More than $19 million in scholarships have been awarded through the Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship program to students who are the first in their immediate families to attend college. More than 1,000 students have benefited from the initiative, which has been implemented at over 400 schools and universities across the United States.

Interested students should inquire at their intended institution about the availability of a Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship and, if so, how to apply.

Coca Cola 4 years College Scholarship 2022

This award is for high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college or institution after graduation. Every year, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program awards 250 four-year merit-based scholarships. The scholarship committee will select roughly 2,200 semifinalists from the original applicants. These semifinalists will submit a secondary application, and from this group, the 250 finalists will be picked.

The 250 Finalists are invited to Atlanta for personal interviews in April of their senior year. A National Selection Committee comprised of outstanding leaders from business, government, education, and the arts interviews the Finalists. The National Scholars program recognizes 50 students who will each receive a $20,000 prize for their college or university. The remaining 200 students will be named Regional Scholars and receive a $10,000 scholarship for their college or university education.

Details about the interview are sent with the letter to inform the student if they are chosen among the finalist.

Requirements for the Coca Cola 4 years College Scholarship

• High school seniors (or home-schooled) in the United States are eligible to apply.

• United States citizens; United States nationals; the United States permanent residents; Temporary Residents (in a legalization program); Refugees; Cuban-Haitian Entrants; Asylees; or Humanitarian Parolees

• At the time of application, you should expect to have completed your high school graduation.

• Considering pursuing a degree from a college or university in the United States that is accredited

• At the end of junior year of high school, they must have a minimum GPA of 3.00.

• Staff, administrators, or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions, or subsidiaries, as well as their children or grandchildren, are not eligible.

Coca Cola 2 years College Scholarship 2022 (Community college)

There are 400 Coca-Cola scholarships available for students who attend or plan to attend two-year universities and acquire a two-year degree.

Each of the top-scoring students in each of the fifty states will be named a New Century Scholar and receive a $2,000 college scholarship. The remaining 350 students will be declared Gold Scholars, who will receive a $1,500 scholarship, Silver Scholars, who will receive a $1,250 award, or Bronze Scholars, who will receive a $1,000 scholarship. 

This is one of the best community college scholarship programs because a state can have numerous Gold, Silver, or Bronze Scholars. A distinctive medallion will be given to each scholar.

Requirements for the Coca Cola 2 years College Scholarship

Nominations are the responsibility of the college’s financial assistance department, but students can let the office know if they are interested in being nominated.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be a U.S. citizen, have proof from their school that they have volunteered within the last twelve months, and plan to take at least two courses the following semester to be eligible for a nomination.

Students must apply for the All-USA Community College Academic Team/Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team in order to be considered for these programs.

Coca Cola Scholarship Letter of recommendation:

You’re not required to submit any letter of recommendation.

Is the Coca Cola Scholarship Income Taxable?

No, the stipend is not taxable.


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